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Annual Audit in Thailand

Companies in Thailand are required to have their financial statements audited annually. The audit must be performed by an independent auditor or auditing firm. The requirement for an audit is based on the size and nature of the company.

As a one-stop service solution, ATA outsourcing, with our team of auditors, is pleased to propose an audit service for your company.

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Public Companies

Public companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) are subject to more stringent audit requirements and are required to have their financial statements audited by independent auditors in accordance with the rules and regulations in Thailand.

Foreign Companies Operating in Thailand

Foreign companies operating in Thailand also be subject to audit requirements, depending on their business activities and the legal structure they operate under. These requirements can vary, and it’s essential for foreign companies to consult with legal and accounting professionals to determine their specific obligations.

Please note that regulations and requirements can change over time, and it’s essential to consult with a qualified local accountant or legal advisor in Thailand to ensure compliance with the most current audit requirements applicable to your company.

Every year the auditor needs to sign an audit report before the end of April for the year N-1.

There is a penalty for late submission.

Required documents for an annual audit:

The minimum required documents to start working on your company audit are:

· All Incomes and expenses for the year with the form PND 1, 3, 53,54; PP 30, 36; Por Tor 40, and Social Fund from January to December.

· Bank statement.

· Lease agreement.

· Annual Audit for the previous year.

· Company seal.

· Half-Year Report (PND 51).

· Inventory (if any).

· A copy of any title deeds of the company (if any).

Please Note:
All of those documents will be provided by our company in case we’ve already provided the accounting service for your company.

When the audit has been completed:

Our Auditor will send you a copy to be reviewed and signed by a director in your company.

In case the revenue department asks to pay additional taxes, we will inform you about it.

Additional steps to be done after all documents are signed:

  •  Advertise in a local newspaper to announce to the public that there will be a meeting of shareholders.
  •  Send a formal invitation to all shareholders within seven days and provide the minutes of the meeting.


Everything needs to be completed within 30 days after all audit documents are signed.

Audit Services We Provide:

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