Business Visa (Non-Immigrant B)

Business Visa (Non-Immigrant B)

For a foreigner to work or conduct business in Vietnam, he needs to apply and obtain a Business Visa (Non-Immigrant B). What exactly is a Business Visa? Who can apply/who has to apply for a Business Visa? What documents are needed to process your application for a Business Visa? What are the time frame and cost of the application? Stay with us, we have all the answers.

What is a Business Visa?

A Business Visa (also called Work Visa, Non-B Visa, Non-Immigrant B Visa) is a legal or official authority issued by the Government that grants an alien or foreign national the right to conduct business activities, attend a meeting, investigate business opportunities and ventures in another country. Importantly, the activities engaged in by a foreigner visiting a country on a Business Visa must not involve labor or gainful employment. A Business Visa contains details of the kind of business which the foreigner is permitted to engage in the country. Vietnam Business Visas become effective from the date of issuance.

How does it work?

The first time you apply for a non-b visa, you are required to do so from your home country, ATa-services will help you prepare all the required documents remotely to speed things along.

The initial visa lasts for 90 days, at which point ATa-services will work to secure a work permit to extend the visa for a year. Foreigners who overstay (without authorization) may be subject to arrest, prosecution, and a ban for a term of years.

Importantly, after obtaining the Business Visa, to remain on the right side of the law, foreigners must report to immigration every 90 days.

  • As a business owner

ATa Outsourcing will help you set up and apply for Non-b visas for your employees, freeing up your time so you can focus on your business without having to worry about your workforce.

  • As an Employee

ATa Outsourcing will support and walk you through the process of obtaining a visa on behalf of your company so you don’t have to worry about fees, appointments, or paperwork.

Who can apply for a Business Visa?

Employers who wish to have their employees represent them at business meetings, conferences, training, and other project going on in other lands can apply on behalf of their employees. Only employees whose aim for travel is to participate in tasks that cannot be considered work or gainful employment can apply for a Business Visa. A Business Visa will be denied to a foreigner whose intention is to engage in activities under the list of those proscribed under Vietnam law. These activities include Auctioneer, Labouring or Agricultural work, Wood carving, Garment making, Shoe and Hat making, Legal services, and Architecture, etc.

Types of Business Visa

With a Single-entry Visa, leaving Vietnam without obtaining a permit for re-entry terminates the Visa

With a Multiple-entry Visa, you have the right of ingress and egress to and fro Vietnam as much as you may desire

Documents needed to process your application for a Business Visa

Passport or Travel Documents

Ensure that the Passport or Travel document tendered is not set to expire within 6 months and contains at least 1 empty visa page

Original Visa Application Form

Ensure that this form is filled out in Black or Blue ink only

A copy of the flight confirmation or reservation

This must indicate the name of the applicant and show that the trip is from your country to Vitenam

A Letter from the applicant’s organization

Showing the applicant’s position, salary, length of employment, reason of visit to Vietnam, and how long he/she would be staying

2 Passport-size photographs

Size about 2’ × 2’ and taken within 6 months of the application. Also, the photograph must have a light-colored background with the full face of the applicant down to his/her shoulders unobstructed by dark glasses or a hat. Kindly note that photocopies or photographs taken with Photostat will not be accepted

A copy of recent bank statement

This must indicate the applicant’s name and evidence a minimum of $700 standing to his credit. However, where he/she is traveling with family, the bank statement must evidence the sum of at least $1,500. He/she must also present proof of relationships such as Birth certificates or a marriage certificate

A Letter of invitation

From business associates and organizations in Vietnam stating the length of stay and the reason for the applicant’s visit to Vietnam

A letter from the Ministry of Labour

If the applicant intends to stay for over 15 days, he/she must obtain a letter from the Ministry of Labour. The process of obtaining this letter is undertaken by the prospective employer of the applicant by submitting Form WP3 (Business Visa )

Time Frame

The processing time of an application for a Business Visa usually depends on whether the application is made in person or by mail. Where the application is made in person, it usually takes about 5 business days. Whereas, where the application is made by mail, it takes at least 15 business days.

The Cost

For a Single entry, the non-refundable fee is USD 80 while it is USD 200 for multiple entries. This fee is payable only in a money order made payable to the Vietnamese Embassy.



For a Single entry, the non-refundable fee is USD 80 while it is USD 200 for multiple entries. This fee is payable only in a money order made payable to the Vietnamese Embassy.