Vietnam Labor Visa, TRC & Work Permit

Vietnam Work Permit, TRC & Labor Visa

Work Permit, Temporary Residence Card (TRC) and labor visa applications/renewals for foreigners always involve a lot of administrative work. It is also complex as the rules and regulations are often changing.

No matter the size of your company, ATA Services Vietnam has a dedicated team devoted to serving you at all relevant government departments. This is what makes the difference.


Procedures to follow to obtain a Labor Visa, TRC or Work Permit in Vietnam

We know exactly what the procedures are, the different possibilities and the necessary documents to be submitted. We are always prepared, and this is what saves time!

The procedures are different and the following need to be considered:

• The employee is already in Vietnam or not

• The employee already has a valid work permit and visa from a previous company

• The employee has another possible visa in Vietnam like business visa, travel visa, etc.

• The nationality of the employee.

Additional complexity is added if the employee is coming with his family and they also require visas. You also need to think about the 90 days reporting for the employees and/or for the family.

ATA Services Vietnam takes care of everything.

Contact us to get your quotation. Our fees are extremely competitive, and the more foreigners you have the better savings you can achieve.

What is also important is to minimize the time your employee will need to spend at the immigration offices, and not going there several times because something is missing…we believe in minimizing the time and stress involved.


Our Process

• 1- Get your work permit from Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs

• 2- Get your labor visa or TRC from Immigration Department;

• 3- Open your Vietnam Bank Account


Labor Visa You Can Apply For

• LD1 Visa

• LD2 Visa


Visa needed for Work Permit

Vietnam Work Permit

ATA Services Vietnam provides work permit to allow you to work legally in Vietnam. Indeed, our team will accompany you during all steps to get your work permit approved. Our staff will help you to get all the required documents to ensure a smooth process.

Vietnam Labor Visa

ATA Services Vietnam can provide you with a labor visa (LD1 or LD2) multi entry with the maximum duration of 1 year. Your visa process will never be so easy and fast! Every year you will have to renew your visa. If you need to leave Vietnam, our staff will cancel your visa according to your schedule.

Vietnam TRC

ATA Services Vietnam is able to provide you with a TRC that will allow them to stay in Vietnam with the maximum duration of 2 years. 

Requirements when applying for a Work Permit, Labor Visa or TRC

Passport or Travel Documents

Ensure that the Passport or Travel document tendered is not set to expire within 6 months and contains at least 1 empty visa page

Original Work Permit Application Form

Ensure that this form is filled out in Black or Blue ink only

Corporate documents of companies /associated partners

Such as business registration & business license, a list of shareholders, and the Company profile.

2 photographs

Size about 3cm × 4cm and taken within 6 months of the application. Also, the photograph must have a light-colored background with the full face of the applicant down to his/her shoulders unobstructed by dark glasses or a hat. Kindly note that photocopies or photographs taken with Photostat will not be accepted

A copy of your education certificate

The officer will look over your education to match with your job title

A copy of your work certificate

You must present your resume and work certificate showing that you have strong work experience to match the position you are applying to work in Vietnam

Time Frame

The processing time of an application usually depends on whether the application is made in person or by mail. Where the application is made in person, it usually takes about 5 business days. Whereas, where the application is made by mail, it takes at least 15 business days.


Where you lose, damage, misplace, or cannot find your Work Permit it is pertinent that you submit an application for it to be replaced within a period of 15 days so as to avoid labor issues, avoid sanctions and be on the right side of the law.